Страна: Италия
Год: 1925
Летающая лодка

Seen here “on the step” at Trieste, CANT 10ter I-OLTE (c/n 5) was acquired by SISA in March 1926 and operated the first Turin-Trieste service for the airline the following month. It continued to serve with SISA until it was destroyed in an accident in March 1932.
During 1929-30 a modified version of the CANT 10ter was developed with a metal hull with duralumin sheet skin and redesigned bows. A two-seat cockpit with side-by-side seating was incorporated and the wooden-hulled 10ter’s five passenger cabin windows were replaced with two larger windows. This is one of the first two.
CANT 10ter I-AASH (c/n 206) of SISA at Fiume, located in Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic, now the main seaport and third-largest city in Croatia. This machine was delivered in December 1930 and was one of the batch of four metal-hulled examples delivered to SISA from the summer of that year.