Aeroplane Monthly 1986-12
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The Cant seaplane which recently obtained eight world's records and has been built for Atlantic mail-carrying.
I-ATLA, the first Cant Z.509.
The prototype Cant Z.506, I-CANT.
A la Littoria’s Cant Z.506 I-FANO, with Wright Cyclones.
The beautifully-proportioned Cant Z.506. This example has a horn-balanced rudder.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting shows Ala Littoria's Cant Z.506A I-FANO - the first pre-series Z.506.
One of the Cant 10ter flying-boats used by SISA on the first Italian regular air services. This one was delivered in March 1926.
One of the metal-hulled flying-boats produced in 1930, which, although much modified, retained the designation Cant 10ter.
The original version of the Cant 22, with three Asso 200 engines.
The Cant 22R.1 I-AACK San Sergio
The Cant 22R.1 San Sergio at Monfalcone.
I-ONEA, the first of the Cant 7 series of which SISA used at least 22.
The Cant 6ter, I-ONIO.