Aeroplane Monthly 1986-12
E.Morgan, E.Shacklady - The basketweave bomber (5)
Прототип высотного самолета «Веллингтон» Mk.V (per. R3298) с двигателями «Геркулес»
The Hercules-powered prototype Wellington Mk V, R3298.
Rear three-quarter view of prototype Wellington Mk V R3298. Following the A&AEE trials this Wellington passed first to the Telecommunications Flying Unit and then to the Bristol company, being struck off RAF charge in March 1943.
Wellington Mk VIA W5798, powered by Rolls-Royce Merlin 60s which gave the aircraft a service ceiling of more than 40,000ft
Mk VI, showing the nose of the high altitude Wellington and the pilot's tilting astrodome.
View of the hideous prototype Wellington Mk V, fitted with Hercules VIII radial engines and photographed outside the Vickers works, probably at Squire's Gate, Blackpool.
The geodetic structure of the nose before installation of the pressure cabin.
Two views of the Wellington pressure cabin in different stages of construction.
View of the high altitude Wellington cockpit, inside the pressure cabin. This installation technique set the pattern for subsequent British high altitude aircraft.