Aeroplane Monthly 1986-12
R.Williams - Scimitar saga (2)
Norwegian Army Air Force Scimitar photographed at Whitley in 1935. Norwegian Scimitars were powered by the 624 h.p. Panther IXA engine.
The second Armstrong Whitworth Scimitar demonstrator, G-ADBL, was also an A.W.XVI conversion. It survived until scrapped in 1958.
Scimitar No 411 of the Norwegian Army Air Force.
A Norwegian Army Air Force Scimitar fitted with skis. The aircraft’s structure was not strong enough for this type of operation and this, coupled with the Scimitar’s below par performance, influenced Norway’s decision not to put the type into production.
No 405 with inspection panels removed. In accordance with the usual Norwegian Army Air Force practice of naming their aircraft after birds, is was planned to name the Norwegian-built Scimitars “Falk”.
Three of the four Norwegian Scimitars lined up at Whitley before delivery to Norway early in 1936. Planned licence production of the Scimitar in Norway did not materialise.
The prototype Scimitar photographed at Torslanda in Sweden, probably in September 1934. An engineer is winding up the Panther VII engine.
The Avro Type 636, a two-seat development of the Scimitar produced by A. V. Roe for the Irish Air Force. Four examples were built for Ireland and these were delivered in October 1935.