De Havilland Australia DHA-G2
Страна: Австралия
Год: 1942

Six examples of the de Havilland G.2 seven-seat troop transport glider were built in Australia during the war.
The de Havilland E.G.2 Military Glider designed to R.A.A.F Specification 5/42.
First DHA product to see the light of day was the G-2 assault glider. Note the nose section, taken from a previous product, the DH.84 Dragon.
An illustration of the first production example of the de Havilland G.2 glider built in Australia. Compared with the prototype, the production model had a revised wing outline, as shown here, with no taper on the inboard panels. Another small change concerned the cabin windows, which were square instead of round.
The de Havilland (Australia) G.2 glider modified to test-fly the Griffith-designed section, which had a suction slot well back on the wing chord.