Farman Farman-27
Страна: Франция
Год: 1915

Российский "Фарман-27" с пулеметом "Кольт" на самодельном лафете.
"Фарман-27" на аэродроме Ходынка, Москва. Лето 1916г.
Farman F.27 1540 (in the French series) of 30 Squadron’s Australian Half Flight at Magill, near Basrah, 1916. This machine was flown by Lt W H Dunn RNAS on Kut supply drops.
Lt Merton’s Shorthorn (???). Unfortunately, the picture is badly faded.
A good detail shot of the undercarriage and bomb racks of an RNAS Farman F.27, taken at Imbros. The reliable, all-steel framed Farman made quite a name for itself in the Aegean as a bomber/reconnaissance aircraft. A two-seat pusher biplane, the type was powered by the 140 h.p. or 160 h.p. Salmson radial engine.
After being formed at Netheravon in October 1915, No 26 Sqn (badge at RIGHT) was sent to East Africa with a complement of Farman F.27s and Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2cs, examples of both of which are seen here serving with No 31 Sqn at Risalpur, India.
Аварийная посадка "Фармана-27". Лето 1916г. Оставшийся в живых летчик стоит у дерева.