Zlin Z-XII
Страна: Чехословакия
Год: 1935

Two-seat light cabin or open cockpit monoplane
Zlin. Ранние самолеты
Flight, April 1937
A Czech Invader

Zlin. Ранние самолеты

Основанная в 1935 году, компания «Czech Zlinska Letecka Akeiova Spolecnost» являлась дочерним предприятием известной обувной фирмы «Bata». Ее первым продуктом был деревянный двухместный моноплан Zlin XII. За ним последовал двухместный Zlin XIII, отличавшийся от предшественника закрытой кабиной и 130-сильным (97 кВт) ПД Walter Minor. Построенный в 1939 году Zlin XV оснащался ПД Zlin Toma 4 мощностью 105 л.с. (78 кВт) и предлагался в вариантах с открытой и закрытой кабиной. Учебный Zlin 212 (была введена новая система обозначений) являлся развитием Zlin XII и был оснащен 60-сильным (45 кВт) ПД Walter Mikron.

Flight, April 1937

A Czech Invader

   LAST week an interesting little light aeroplane from Czechoslovakia made its appearance at Heston. Known as the Zlin XII, it has been designed to a specification laid down by Mr. Bata himself, who is, of course, the well-known shoe magnate. The machine is a cantilever, low-wing, two-seater, tandem monoplane fitted with a 45 h.p. Persy II engine, and the price in this country will probably be about ?350. In the country of its origin it is being sold at ?250.
   Of exceptionally clean design, it might be expected that the performance would be very good in spite of the comparatively low horse-power, and the maximum speed is, in fact, rather better than 95 m.p.h. Generally speaking, the structure is straightforward, with a two-spar plywood-covered wing, sharply tapering in plan form, and a ply-covered fuselage of square section. The Persy engine is of the flat-four type and resembles in its external features the well-known Continental unit.
   Dual control is fitted, but the machine is normally flown from the back seat, where the usual instruments are to be found. Since the occupant of the front seat has a very much better view this is something of a disadvantage, but the machine would obviously be very unstable in the fore and aft plane if flown solo from the front. The two cockpits are completely enclosed under a single transparent cover, and curved sliding panels, which can be pushed completely open, are arranged for each occupant. It is interesting to see that the seats are arranged for the accommodation of back-type parachutes - items of equipment, which are taken more seriously on the Continent than they are here.
   The specification and performance figures are as follows: span, 32.8ft.; length, 25.6ft.; all-up weight, 1,058 lb.; disposable load, 421 lb.; maximum speed, 96 m.p.h.; cruising speed, 84 m.p.h.; landing speed 37 m.p.h.; climb to 1,214ft. in three minutes; range 280 miles.
   For the moment, any interested persons should get into touch with the Airwork Sales Department at Heston.
Низкоплан Zlin XII с 45-сильным (34 кВт) ПД Persy II был доступен в вариантах с открытой и закрытой (на снимке) кабиной.
The little Zlin XII touring type.
The Zlin XII Two-seat Light Monoplane (45 h.p. Persy engine) in its open and closed forms.
The Zlin XII. It will be noticed that the hinged covers for each cockpit carry large sliding panels, which when open should make the machine comfortably cool in hot weather.