Slingsby T.29 Motor-Tutor
Slingsby - T.29 Motor-Tutor - 1947 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1947

Slingsby Type 29B Motor Tutor G-AKEY, a Tutor glider airframe with an undercarriage and powered by a 40 h.p. Aeronca-JAP J-99. First flown in this form in June 1948, ’EY was sold in the Bahamas in 1963.
Slingsby-built Type 29B Motor Tutor G-AKJD was first flown at the end of 1950. It was crashed at Dunstable Downs on June 21, 1964 and is seen here at Woburn in 1959.
A Lasham-based Slingsby Type 29 Motor-Tutor.