Schneider Grunau Baby
Schneider - Grunau Baby - 1931 - Германия
Страна: Германия
Год: 1931

Grunau Baby IIb BGA578/AQN is back at Dunstable again after 40yr. It is seen here while at the Yorkshire Gliding Club, Sutton Bank.
A Grunau Baby sailplane climb­ing steeply with the aid of the London Club’s winch. The wind is too far north for slope­soaring, but the clouds are evidence of plenty of thermal lift.
AT THE WASSERKUPPE: Herr Wolf Hirth, recently returned from America, is making a fairly sharp turn on the Grunau and is seen over the open girder tail of a practice glider during the competitions now being held by the Rhon-Rossitten Gesellschaft.
A photograph of the Sutton Bank camp taken from Mr. R. F. Stedman's two-seater sailplane. In the air is a Grunau Baby.
This striking photograph of Bradwell Edge shows, down below, the factory chimney known to pilots as the "thermal indicator." Its smoke indicates the presence of a thermal current rising from the valley. When this picture was taken the competitor in the Grunau Baby was struggling to maintain his height.