Goodyear Inflatoplane
Страна: США
Год: 1956

Dick Ulm flying the Goodyear Model 468 in 1956.
Unlike the Marcel Lobelle inflatable "flying wing", the American Goodyear has an almost conventional (and literal) air-frame and tail assembly. The only rigid parts of the single-seat experimental Goodyear are the tubular Vee wing struts, the engine mounting and the compact main undercarriage and seat combined. An unusual feature in this unorthodox 'plane is the utilisation of a tractor power-plant in what is usually a pusher siting. The two-cylinder, horizontally-opposed engine delivers some 40 h.p. and drives a two-blade wooden airscrew. No performance details have been released and for the time being no further tests are planned for this prototype (N39635) which was conceived, designed, built and test-flown in just over twelve weeks.
One of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Inflatoplanes, powered by a 44 h.p. Nelson engine.
All that is needed to erect the Goodyear Inflatable Mk. II is a bicycle pump, a strong arm, and she is ready to go. This model differs to the Mk. I in that it has an enclosed cockpit and a smaller undercarriage. Pilots of this aircraft should beware of pins and like.
A Model 466 Inflatoplane powered by a 65 h.p. McCulloch 4318E engine.
The Model 468 had an empty weight of 225 lb and could be carried in a jeep or in the boot of a car.
The sequence of three photographs at right shows a Model 466 that has been parachuted into a field, unpacked and inflated.