Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho PIK-16 Vasama / PIK-20 Tiu
Страна: Финляндия
Год: 1961

Single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

PIK PIK-3, PIK-5, PIK-7, PIK-13 and PIK-20 (Finland)

  PIK (the Flying Club of the Helsinki University of Technology) was established in 1931 and has produced several types of sailplanes and powered aircraft over the years. All the types listed in the heading are sailplanes: of particular interest are the PIK-3a and -b which were accepted as standard types for Finnish gliding clubs; and the PIK-13, designed and constructed for the 1954 World Championships. The PIK-20 single-seat 15-metre Contest Class sailplane first flew in 1973 and remains in production today in its current D version, produced by EIRI.
PIK-16C Vasama single-seat Standard Class sailplane
PIK-16C Vasama single-seat Standard Class sailplane
PIK-16c Vasama single-seat Standard Class sailplane
PIK-20 single-seat high-performance sailplane, first flown in 1973
PIK-20 single-seat glassfibre Standard Class sailplane
PIK PIK-20E motor glider, based on the PIK-20D sailplane.
PIK-20E powered glider OH-520 with retractable engine
PIK-20 single-seat high-performance sailplane, due to make its first flight during 1973