Кронштадт/Транзас Орион / Иноходец
Страна: Россия
Год: 2015

БПЛА "Орион-Э" на МАКСе не летал. На стенде была представлена только его модель, демонстрировался видеофильм (фото компании "Кронштадт" опубликовано в целях дополнительной информации для читателей)
The Orion 01
Both Kronshtadt Technologies' Orion unmanned air vehicles are conducting flight testing from the company’s own facility at a former military airfield in Protasovo near Ryazan.
The Orion UAV's test and evaluation programme went fairly smoothly and the new system is expected to enter experimental service in 2019. Fielding of the armed derivative is believed to be a few years away.
The Orion is primarily designed for reconnaissance
Inokhodets MALE unmanned aircraft departs the Kronshtadt company’s airfield in Protasovo near Ryazan
Inokhodets ‘007’ returned from Syria with 38 ‘mission’ stars
Inokhodets-RU and Inokhodets at Kronshtadt’s facility in Moscow Tushino during the visit of Sergey Shoygu on February 26, 2021
The Orion-E at MAKS air show, Russia, in 2019
MOES EO payload for Orion
Moscow-based NPK SPP produces electro-optical sensors including the MOES which is one of a range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads available for the Orion UAV.
The Orion photo suite by TsNIIAG
Aviaavtomatika 50kg bombs
A Kronshtadt missile
The Orion 04 with missiles
Inokhodets operators post
Обломки российского беспилотника, сбитого в Сирии
Nikolay Dolzhenkov, Designer General of Kronshtadt
The Orion-E with photocameras
Computer-generated images of the Orion E export version, configured with a suite of cameras (top) or a surveillance radar with an external radar-transparent radome.
An artist's impression of the Inokhodets.