Vickers Valentia
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1921
Летающая лодка
Единственный экземпляр
Flight, March 1921

Flight, March 1921


   LAST week we were able to give a brief description of the newly-launched Vickers-Saunders flying boat "Valentia." We have now received a photograph showing this machine on the sea, and also a brief specification of the machine. The general layout will be seen from the photograph. Generally speaking, the "Valentia" is of orthodox design, showing the typical Vickers biplane tail and rudders, but with an overhanging top plane, braced by overhead wires running to rectangular king-post frames covered with fabric to provide fin area above the plane to balance that of the boat hull. The latter is flat-sided, with a Vee bottom and, of course, steps.
   The machine has an endurance of 8 hours at a speed of approximately 100 m.p.h. The maximum speed is about 110 m.p.h. Following is a brief specification :-
   Estimated weight empty, with water 10,550 lbs
   Crew (5 men) 900 lbs
   Sea anchor, line and sundries 152 lbs
   Wireless 250 lbs
   Military load (guns, ammunition, etc.) 750 lbs
   Bombs (2-500 lbs. with gear) 1,150 lbs
   Electrical equipment 100 lbs.
   Petrol (540 gals.) 3,888 lbs
   Oil (50 gals.) 500 lbs
   Reserve water (6 gals.) 60 lbs
   Total 18,309 lbs.
   Overall length 58 ft.
   Overall height 22 ft.
   Span 112 ft.
   Gap 10 ft.
   Chord 10 ft. 6 in.
   Incidence of main planes 5 degs.
   Dihedral of main planes 1 1/2 degs.
   Area of main planes 2,000 sq. ft.
   Weight per square foot 9.15 lbs.
   Weight per h.p. (2 X 600) 15.25 lbs.
   Time to 6,000 ft., all up and full throttle, 9.5 mins. Speed, 110 m.p.h.
   Time to 10,000 ft., all up and full throttle, 19.25 mins. Speed, 106 m.p.h.
   Endurance, 8 hours at 98 m.p.h.
THE VICKERS-SAUNDERS "VALENTIA" FLYING BOAT: The engines are 600 h.p. Rolls-Royce "Condors," mounted on pairs of Vees between the wings.
THE VICKERS VALENTIA FLYING BOAT: Designed by Vickers and built by S. E. Saunders of Cowes, this machine is fitted with two Rolls-Royce "Condor" engines of 650 h.p. each. Successful flying tests have been carried out recently at Cowes.