Fokker FG-1 - FG-4
Страна: Германия
Год: 1919

Lifting the Fokker Glider over the heads of the crowd before the start of the flight.
Fokker steadying the tail of his glider as it is being lifted out of the hangar. On the right the famous Dutch pilot-designer is seen in the seat of his glider.
FOKKER'S FIRST FLIGHT IN ENGLAND: The upper photograph shows the first start, which was unsuccessful. For the next start the machine was towed by a motor-car, and the machine got into the air as shown in the lower picture.
Fokker starts off on his 37 minutes' flight.
THE FOKKER MACHINES: On the left, the small single-seater biplane, with pilot's seat on lower wing. On the right, the two-seater, which has an enclosed nacelle, is seen in the air, piloted by Mr. Olley. Note the central skid and wing-tip guards.
Anthony Fokker's method of transport: The biplane glider is placed on a plank resting on the sides of the car, and the machine is lightly braced fore and aft by two ropes.
Fokker 2-seater