Espenlaub E.11 Motorsegler
Espenlaub - E.11 Motorsegler - 1925 - Германия
Страна: Германия
Год: 1925
Единственный экземпляр
Flight, October 1928

Flight, October 1928


The Espenlaub Monoplane

  For some peculiar reason, detail information concerning the little machine exhibited by Herr Espenlaub was difficult to come by. The machine is a parasol monoplane of all-wood construction, including the wing covering, designed to carry pilot and passenger. The wing, which is in one piece, is mounted on four ply-wood covered cantilever struts rising from the fuselage, and is attached thereto by four quick-release catches. For transport the wing is, presumably, detached and placed lengthwise, still resting on the four struts. The engine fitted is a 40 h.p. six-cylinder Anzani radial air-cooled. One of our photographs on the next page shows the general lines of the machine.
A L200 Light 'Plane?: From Germany it is reported that the Espenlaub Works of Cassel intend to put on the market the small light 'plane shown herewith. The machine is fitted with a 35 h.p. Anzani engine, and rumour has it that the price i» not to exceed 4,000 Marks. How this is to be attained is not quite clear. It is stated that the machifte has been tested in "aerobatic" flying. The main dimensions, &c, of the Espenlaub II are :- Wing span, 10 metres (32 8 ft.); length, o.a., 5 m. (16-4 ft.); wing area, 14 sq. m. (151 sq. ft.). Weight of machine, empty, 280 kg. (616 lb.). Climb to 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.) in 6 minutes.
The Espenlaub monoplane has its parasol wing supported on four cantilever struts. The engine is a 40 h.p. 6-cyl. Anzani.
Glider and Light 'Plane at Rossitten: The upper monoplane is the "Dessauer," piloted by Fuchs, during a duration flight of eight hours. Below it is seen the Espenlaub light monoplane.