Couzinet Couzinet 101
Страна: Франция
Год: 1933

Единственный экземпляр
Самолеты семейства Couzinet
Flight, May 1934

Самолеты семейства Couzinet

  Рене Кузине построил еще два пассажирских самолета похожей конструкции: один Couzinet 101, имевший несколько меньшие размеры, и самолет Couzinet 110, оснащенный тремя двигателями Salmson мощностью по 135 л.с. (101 кВт) каждый и располагавший закрытой пилотской кабиной на одного/двух членов экипажа и отдельной пассажирской кабиной на четырех человек.

Flight, May 1934

The Couzinet 101

  BEARING a remarkable external resemblance to the Couzinet 70 Arc-en-Ciel, the type 101, one of the latest products of Avions Rene Couzinet, is the three-seater cabin monoplane fitted with three Pobjoy "R" engines.
  The cantilever wing is of wooden construction tapering both in thickness and plan form. The leading edge takes the form of a solid spar, but the trailing edge is divided by the fuselage. Statically-balanced ailerons of high-aspect ratio are fitted.
  Of typical Couzinet design, the empennage consists of a large fin which is formed by a deepening and thinning of the fuselage, an adjustable tail plane, elevators of the same construction as the wing and a rudder in which the smooth lines of the fin and rear portion of the fuselage are preserved. Ailerons and elevators are provided with small adjustable Flettner flaps.
  A fixed split-type undercarriage is used with the wheels, which are fitted with independently-operated brakes, enclosed in large streamline fairings. The tail wheel, which is also enclosed in a "spat," is mounted in a pivoting fork.
  Accommodation is provided in the cabin for a pilot and two passengers seated in tandem. The dimensions of the cabin are:- Length 6 ft. 7 in. (2 m), width 2 ft. 8 in. (0.853 in) and average height 3 ft. 5 in. (1,050 m). Large sliding windows of safety glass, and three skylights in the ceiling, provide ample light. Heating and ventilation is controlled by the passengers.
  Three Pobjoy "R" engines, on steel-tube mountings, drive four-bladed wooden airscrews. Fuel tanks with a total capacity of 66 gallons (300 litres) are carried in the wings. With three Pobjoy "Niagara" engines, using the new type cowlings developed for this type of engine, the performance of the aircraft should be considerably improved.

Three Pobjoy "R" Engines

  Wing span 44 ft. 4 in. (13,5 m)
  Overall length 32 ft. 10 in. {10,05 m)
  Track 9 ft. 2 in. (2,83 m)
  Overall height 9 ft. 10 in. (3 m)
  Wing area 215 sq. ft. (20 m2)

  Weight empty 1,984 lb. (960 kg)
  Useful load 673 lb. (305 kg)
  Weight of fuel 474 lb. (215 kg)
  Gross weight 3,131 lb. (1 420 kg)
  Wing loading 14-6 lb./sq. ft. (71 kg/m2)
  Power loading 13 lb./h.p. (5,9 kg/h.p.)

  Maximum speed 155 m.p.h. (250 k.p.h.)
  Cruising speed 137 m.p.h. (220 k.p.h.)
  Climb to 3,280 ft. (1 000 m) 3 min. 4 sec.
  Climb to 6,562 ft. (2 000 m) 6 min. 48 sec.
  Absolute ceiling, fully loaded 20,670 ft. (6 300 m)
  Service ceiling 19,029 ft. (5 800 m)
  Service ceiling, with one engine stopped 11,811 ft. (3 608 m)
  Range at cruising speed 550 miles (885 km)
Couzinet 101 имел силовую установку в составе трех 85-сильных звездообразных двигателей Pobjoy R и закрытую кабину на пилота и двух пассажиров.
A FRENCH TOURING PLANE: The Couzinet cabin monoplane powered with three Pobjoy "R" engines.
AN ANGLO-FRENCH COMBINATION: The Couzinet type 101 monoplane, fitted with three "Pobjoy" engines. This machine is expected to take part in the race meeting at Cairo.
An interior view of the cabin of the Couzinet 101 monoplane.