Burgess H
Страна: США
Год: 1912

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Burgess Models D to J (USA)
  The W. Starling Burgess Company and Curtis built several air­craft of original design, but only after it had licence-built established types. Following production of Farman, Curtiss (Model D) and Grahame-White Baby (Model E) biplanes, it produced its Models F and J (licence-built Wright Models B and C respectively). One of each was sold to the US Army. Among the civil examples built, one was flown by Harry N. Atwood from St Louis to New York between 14 and 25 August 1911.
  The finest aircraft of the series was undoubtedly the Burgess H powered by a 52 kW (70 hp) Renault engine. Six Model H trainers were purchased by the US Army and these gave excellent service. The company also produced three seaplane variants of the British Dunne tail­less biplane and a number of other seaplanes dur­ing 1916-18.
Burgess Type H.