Aeroplane Monthly 1990-07
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Channel Airways' Dakota III G-AMDZ seen at Rochester, Kent on July 17, 1966. Formerly RAF Dakota KG507, this aircraft was first registered G-ALWD to BEA and named Frank Barnwell, after the Bristol aircraft designer, in December 1950. Following service with Channel Airways, 'DZ was withdrawn from use at Southend in March 1970.
Trans Avia, a West German charter airline formed in 1957, flew DC-4s and Vickers Vikings on inclusive tour work from Dusseldorf to points throughout Europe and Africa. Skymaster D-ANUK, seen at Luqa in 1958, was an ex-Northwest Airlines machine. Trans Avia ceased flying in 1959 and D-ANUK was sold to Belgian International Air Services.
Balair’s DC-4 HB-ILC, photographed in March 1961, operated on charter and relief work from Balair’s main base at Basle in Switzerland. HB-ILC flew for Balair from June 1960 until March 1963 when it appeared on the UK register as G-ASFY of Air Ferry. Balair, a subsidiary of Swissair, flew several DC-4 and DC-6 aircraft until the early 1980s.
This anonymous-looking YC-97B Stratofreighter, photographed in 1960, belonged to the De Long Construction Corporation of America. Registered N9540C, the aircraft, after a troublesome Atlantic crossing, was engaged in ferrying oil drilling equipment to Abadan, Iran. Only six YC-97Bs, with the smaller B-29 tail, were built out of a grand total of 888 C-97 and B377 Stratocruisers manufactured.
Vickers Viscount V.701 G-AMOA George Vancouver at Luqa in 1959. Delivered to BEA in 1953, this Viscount was damaged beyond repair in January 1970.
Viscount V.812 G-ATUE in Channel Airways livery, photographed at Southend on September 22, 1967. First registered to the American airline Continental Airlines as N244V, 'UE passed from Channel Airways to Alidair Cargo Ltd, based at Baginton, before being broken up in 1977.
Hornet F.3s PX975 and WF978 at Muharraq, Bahrein during a ferry flight to Singapore on September 30, 1952. Hornets of 33 and 45 Sqns were used by the Far East Air Force for rocket strikes against terrorists in the Malayan jungle from March 1951.
Hornet F.3 PX345 being ferried from RAF Abingdon to Singapore by Flt Sgt Saxby on January 22, 1953 in convoy with Richard Livermore in Hornet F.3 PX384.
Hornet WF975.
Hornet F.3 PX384, piloted by Richard Livermore, takes a breather at Mauripur, Karachi, during the ferry flight to Singapore in convoy with PX345 on January 20, 1953. The aircraft carried two 200gal underwing fuel tanks for ferrying purposes; two 1,000 lb bombs could be carried in their place. PX384 was delivered to 45 Squadron. On September 30, 1954 it suffered an undercarriage collapse at RAF Rutterworth.
Hornet F.3 WF956 pictured at Habbaniya, Iraq during the ferry flight to Singapore from RAF Abingdon in convoy with WB912 on April 27, 1953. Delivered to 45 Sqn, WB912 was lost on August 28 that year when it stalled following a firing dive near Srenban, Malaya and hit some trees.
Another view of Hornet F.3 PX975 taken at Muharraq, Bahrein.
Hornet F.3 WB912 pictured during the ferry flight out to Singapore in convoy with PX384 on April 29, 1952. Richard Livermore is the pilot.
A sad sight at Seletar on January 16, 1956 as Hornet F.3 PX393 succumbs to the scrapman. Richard Livermore ferried this Hornet in May 1953.
“Tell the passengers another ten minutes!” Hand-swinging the port propeller of Vickers Viking ZS-DPA at Luqa in March 1961; the starter trolley was unserviceable. This Viking IB was initially delivered as OY-DLO, became SU-AGM and then joined the fleet of PROTEA.
Another photograph of Vickers Viking IB ZS-DPA, with both engines running, taxying out at Luqa in March 1961.