Air International 2019-05
K.Wills, I.Harding - Clockwork /Military/
A Merlin HC3A lands in degraded visibility.
Using a Mobile Air Operations Team's tracked, all-terrain vehicle (a Bandvagn 206) as a reference point, a Merlin HC3A prepares to conduct a confined landing amongst trees. As the recirculating snow builds behind the aircraft, aircrew have to work hard to safely position the aircraft; if aircrew lose their reference points, the landing is aborted for a go around.
Merlin HC3A ZJ998/AE sat down in deep snow to collect Marines of 3 Commando Brigade.
Despite heavy snow, 847 NAS aircrew including the squadron CO, prepare their Wildcat AH1 ahead of a next live firing mission at Setermoen range. RUBB hangars which house the deployed helicopters are seen in the background.
847 NAS Wildcat transiting to the Setermoen range less than ten minutes' flight time from Bardufoss Air Station. As weather conditions deteriorated and visibility closed in on the range, this aircraft landed in the snow to comply with Clockwork regulations until visibility improved to exceed 1,200m.