Air International 2019-06
M.Ayton - Hawk. Made in England /Military/
Perhaps the baseline model for all recent variants of BAE Systems' trainer is the RAF's Hawk T2.
The Royal Saudi Air Force has operated the Hawk Mk65 since 1987. Its latest batch comprises 44 Hawk Mk165s. Aircraft 2101 is shown during a pre-delivery test flight with the UK serial ZB101.
Advanced Hawk ZJ951 on take­off from Warton. Note the test pilot is in the aft cockpit.
Hawk Mk132s awaiting delivery to the Indian Air Force.
Indian Air Force Hawk Mk132 A3483 during a demonstration flight. Note the UK roundels and serial number ZK124 applied.
Advanced Hawk ZJ951 is a development aircraft used by BAE Systems to flight test new software, hardware and technology. This shot shows the aircraft fitted with extended wings and large fixed leading edge slats.
Large area display installed in the front cockpit of Advanced Hawk aircraft ZJ951.
BAE Systems' Training and Simulation Integration Facility has this twin cockpit simulator seen here fitted with the first version of a future cockpit.