Air Enthusiast 1972-03
??? - Firefly: A masterpiece for the matelots (1)
The first prototype Firefly (Z1826) as originnaly flown with dummy wing cannon.
The first prototype Firefly (Z1826) after application of standard camouflage finish and installation of armament.
A Firefly F I of No 1770 Sqdn returning to the Indefatigable after a strike against the Pangkalan Brandon refinery, Sumatra.
An early FR I (Z2117).
A late production Firefly FR I (PP433) with ASH radar canister beneath the nose.
The 191st Hayes-built airframe (DT933) used for NF I trials purposes.
The Firefly NF II did not enter service, the 37 examples completed (including Z1875 shown) being converted back to Mk I standards.
The prototype Firefly III (Z1855) featuring a two-stage Griffon 61 and an annular chin-type radiator proved generally unstaisfactory, and development was abandoned in favour of the Firefly IV.
В основном Firefly принимали участие в боях на Тихоокеанском ТВД. Данный самолет принадлежал 1772-й эскадрилье, под ним виден авианосец "Индефатигейбл".
Fairey Firefly FR Mk I
A Fairey Firefly F Mk I (DT934) of No 1770 Squadron operating from HMS Indefatigable in the Pasific, Spring 1945.