Air Enthusiast 1972-04
??? - Mirage F ... a tangible illusion
The Mirage F1-03 shown with a 264 Imp gal (1 200 l) ventral fuel tank, has the modified leading edge adopted for production aircraft.
The Mirage F1-03 with four 1,000-lb (450-kg) bombs.
В воздухе три предсерийных Mirage F1C
The three pre-production Mirage F1s in formation - all with ventral fins added but only F1-03, nearest the camera, modified to have the extended saw-tooth leading edge.
A Mirage F1 carrying a Matra 530 air-to-air missile.
A Mirage F1 with Sidewinders and Matra 530s under the wings.
The Mirage F1 in air defence configuration with Sidewinders at the wing tips and underwing 264 Imp gal (1 200 l) fuel tanks.
A Mirage F1 with eight 1,000-lb (450-kg) bombs on fuselage and wing pylons.
Dassault Mirage F-1