Aeroplane Monthly 1978-02
B.Gunston - Capacious Convair
На основе бомбардировщика B-36 был спроектирован транспортный самолет Convair XC-98. Он позиционировался как пассажирский, но единственный построенный экземпляр ограниченно использовался ВВС США, базируясь в Келли, штат Техас.
The Convair XC-99, at the time the world’s largest landplane, about to land after its first flight on November 23, 1947. It is seen coming over San Diego into Lindbergh Field after a flight lasting one hour.
The Convair XC-99 is now in the hands of Disabled American Veterans Inc, and displayed at Kelly Air Force Base.
The 230ft-span Convair XC-99's single-wheel main undercarriage was later changed in favour of a four-wheel bogie type gear. Note the deep wing section.
Ground crew pull through one of the XC-99’s six 19ft diameter propellers in 1947. Note the original single wheel main undercarriage, later replaced by the four-wheel bogie.
The four-wheel bogie.
The compact flight deck of the XC-99. Seated on the left is Russell R. Rogers, chief of flight test and research and pilot during the aircraft's first flight. Seated in the right seat is the XC-99 project engineer in charge of engineering, Robert R. Hoover.
The rear two-thirds of the XC-99’s 130ft upper deck. Seen in the background is one of two 1,500gal water tanks used to trim the aircraft during flight tests.