Aeroplane Monthly 1978-08
R.Sturtrivant - FAA Avengers at war
TBF-1 Avenger FN765 was one of the early production Tarpon Is delivered to the FAA in the USA.
Although ungainly in appearance, the Avenger was a potent combat aircraft. The unit to which this group belonged is not known.
Another early production Mk 1, FN767, displays the elevated pilot's position so vital for carrier operations.
Avenger JZ594 “W1A” of 857 Squadron, photographed during a raid on Sumatra in January 1945.
An atmospheric study of an Avenger taking off from an escort carrier.
An Avenger III equipped with a pair of "Uncle Tom" rocket projectiles underwing. Very few IIIs saw active service, although some reached the British Pacific Fleet.
Avenger FN912 “4L” of 854 Squadron over the Rockies during training at Squantum in 1944.