Aeroplane Monthly 1978-09
D.Middleton - Airspeed's elegant Envoy (1)
The first of three military Convertible Envoy Series 2s ordered for the South African Air Force was 251, seen here flying near Portsmouth in 1936. It left to fly the 7,000 miles to Johannesburg on July 4, 1936, accompanied by civil Envoy ZS-AGA.
WITH WHEELS UP: The Airspeed "Envoy" (2 Wolseley A.R.9 engines) has the same type of retractable undercarriage as the "Courier."
Study of G-ACMT, the prototype Envoy, flying from Portsmouth in 1934, shortly after its maiden flight.
The Envoy prototype over the Queen Mary in March 1936, after modification to Series 2 standard with split flaps and Wolseley Scorpio Is.
The first production Envoy I, with Wolseley A.R.9 engines, at Kastrup Aerodrome, Copenhagen.
Envoy I G-ACVI joined Ansett as VH-UXM in 1936.
The one and only Airspeed Viceroy, G-ACMU, was built to the order of Capt T. Neville Stack for the 1934 MacRobertson Trophy Race from England to Australia.