Aeroplane Monthly 1978-09
B.Gunston - Avro Canada CF-100 /Fighters of the fifties/ (20)
Prototype CF-100 which first flew on the 19th January 1950 - from Malton airport near Toronto
CF-100 Mk 3Bs 18138, 18146 and 18145 of 445 Squadron, based at North Bay.
The late Ormond Haydon-Baillie flying his Duxford-based CF-100, 18393/G-BCYK, in 1975.
CF-100 Mk 4B 18358 shows that the nickname “lead sled” was not entirely justified.
The first CF-100, 18101, was the only example powered by Rolls-Royce Avons.
18103, the first Mk 2, was taken on RCAF strength on September 2, 1952, and served until June 3, 1955.
CF-100 4B 18390 displays the type's later camouflage scheme.
Canada's NATO contribution, No. 1 Air Division at Marville, France, will comprise four squadrons of Avro CF-100 Mk. 4s. All will be camouflaged, with light blue undersurfaces.
Camouflaged Mk 4B 18390 served from May 1955 with 423 Squadron and ended its days with 445 Squadron, flying from Marville, France. It crashed near Troyes on December 5, 1956; the crew surviving.
CF-100 Mk 3A 18130 on a flight from North Bay.
A brace of CF-100 Mk 4As, 18211 and 18223 of 428 Squadron, based at Uplands.
Two of the 53 ex-RCAF CF-100 Mk 5s purchased by Belgium display the constant-chord wing extensions of the final variant.
CF-100 Mk5 belonging to the 350eme Escadrille of the 1st All-Weather Wing, Belgian Air Force, 1959