Aeroplane Monthly 1978-10
W.Blake - Blake Bluetit /British pre-war ultralights/
The Bluetit shortly before its first flight in 1930. Note the distinctive Spartan fin and rudder.
Members of the Blake family pressed in to help during taxiing trials.
A poor but unique shot of the Bluetit coming in to land after its first flight.
W. H. C. Blake with the Bluetit at Woodhams Farm, Kings Worthy in 1968, after the cobwebs had been brushed off prior to the aeroplane’s removal to the Shuttleworth Collection. The propeller is not the 1930 original.
W. H. C. Blake, left, and his brother R. C. Blake congratulate one another on the successful completion of the maiden flight.
The author poses with his aircraft, its cut-down propeller in evidence.
The Blakes' sister does an “Amy Johnson” in the Bluetit, with the brothers' 1899 3h.p. Benz Ideal in the foreground, 1930.