Aeroplane Monthly 1978-11
J.Kucera - Fertile Myrtle flies again
Fertile Myrtle as she looked in 1972, en route to an airshow at Travis AFB, California
Fertile Myrtle after restoration, during a flight from Oakland to Beale AFB on May 4, 1978.
Myrtle’s four 18-cylinder Wright R-3350 engines weigh nearly three tons each and develop a total of 8,800 h.p. She carries 85gal of oil per engine.
Myrtle climbs out of Oakland estuary on her test flight, April 27, 1978.
Lift off at Oakland, heading for Chino.
The author enjoying his first B-29 ride in 33 years.
Copilot Bill Noack reliving his youth in the right seat.
The flight deck. The box on the floor is the Commander's aisle stand and the bombing station is seen forward.
Flying crew chief Tom Congdon seated in the right gun blister.
Since this photograph was taken a bomb sight has been added.