Air Enthusiast 1972-07
G.Morris - B-1: Deterrent or Dodo?
A feature of the B-1 cockpit is the use of vertical-tape type instruments for the presentation of all primary flight information. The design of the cockpit as a complete one-piece escape-module permits the crew to work in lightweight flying suits.
The full-scale, half-span mock-up of the B-1A, showing the paired nacelle for two General Electric F101 turbofans beneath the port wing, with variable geometry inlets.
The B-1A will have provision for in-flight refuelling using the customary USAF flying-boom system, as illustrated by the impression (left); the wings are shown fully forward for subsonic operation. With wings fully swept (right) the B-1A will be capable of speeds above Mach 2 at high level and above Mach 1 at very low level.
Access is by way of a hatch in the fuselage behind the nose wheel.