Air Enthusiast 2003-05
R.Niccoli - David's Deltas (3)
First prototype Kfir, 712, about 1975.
One of the two Kfir C2s (451) modified for reconnaissance duties, of the 'Smashing Parrot Squadron', about 1987.
Kfir C7 543 operated by the 'Guards of the Arava Squadron'. Note the AAS-35 Pave Penny targeting pod under the nose, circa 1992.
Kfir 914 in flight over Israel with Chel Ha'Avir markings. This aircraft was the first destined for the Ecuadorian Air Force, and this also explains the strange serial. Note the new nose and in-flight refuelling probe.
The US Navy leased 13 Kfir-Canards from Israel between 1985 and 1988 and operated them as interim aggressor aircraft, pending the delivery of the F-16N. An aircraft of VF-43 in flight.
Interesting photo of Kfir TC2 310 of the Test Squadron displayed during an open day. It wears the 'Smashing Parrot Squadron' badge, and a load of supersonic tanks, laser guided bombs, and Python 3 missiles.
Kfir C7 547 of the 'Guards of the Arava' Squadron taxying after landing, probably at its Hazor home base.
Reconnaissance Kfir 451 equipped with the 'Tznuit Meshopar' serial 01 system, is on display at the Hazerim museum. It wears the colours of the 'Smashing Parrot Squadron'.
В конце 1980-х годов ВМС и КМП США использовали Kfir для имитации самолетов противника. Машины несли различную окраску, как израильский, так и серый двухцветный камуфляж.
Three Kfir-Canards in the markings of US Marines VMFT-401, which used the type as aggressor aircraft between 1987 and 1989 at Yuma.
Kfir 451 equipped with the recce nose serial 02, probably at Hazor air base, before an operational mission.
Rare photo of the two recce-Kfirs, 419 and 451, armed with AIM-9G Sidewinder missiles. Both the aircraft wear the 'Smashing Parrot Squadron markings'.
The advanced glass cockpit of the Kfir 2000.