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D.Ford - Maid of All Work
THE PARROT CAGE: The Bristol 120 ("Pegasus") has a celluloid wind covering over the rear gunner's cockpit.
Other than as the ‘new types park’ number 9, the Type 120 appeared at the Hendon display of July 1932 in anonymous form.
In the guise in which it made its first flight, with the ‘B Condition’ marking R-6, the Type 120, early 1932. The access door for the gunner is the triangular shape underneath the ‘B Condition’ marking.
The Bristol 120 general purpose biplane featured a “parrot cage“ and provision for a stretcher case.
The Type 120 in RAF markings (K-3587) demonstrating the casualty evacuation role. The rear turtle decking was removable to take a patient on a stretcher