Air Enthusiast 1997-03
B.Marshall - The 'Flea' and Me
Photographs of ‘Fleas’ in the air are quite rare. An enchanting shot of a Carden Ford-powered example amid a British pastoral scene. This is possibly Stephen Appleby flying G-ADMH after it was modified by L E ‘Baron’ Baynes.
The Planes Ltd HM.14 ‘Flea’ G-ADVM, presumably at Ingatestone. A young Bert Marshall is at the controls, the man with his hands on the propeller is thought to be Harold Bowen.
A family scene in front of the last British ‘Flea’ to receive an Authorisation to Fly - TH Fouldes’ G-AFUL with modified undercarriage and push-rod controlled rear wing (compare the ‘sit’ of the rear wing to that of G-ADVM) in May 1939.
General arrangement of a ‘conventional’ Scott A.2S-powered Mignet HM.14.