Air Enthusiast 1997-03
A.Thomas - More from Mesopotamia
Lt J R McCrindle in the cockpit of 30 Squadron BE.2c 4362, 1916. McCrindle made 16 food dropping flights and several escort sorties to Kut during the siege. Note the grain sack on the lower wing.
BE.2cs at Shaikh Saad being readied for the last Kut food drop, April 29, 1916.
Farman F.27 1540 (in the French series) of 30 Squadron’s Australian Half Flight at Magill, near Basrah, 1916. This machine was flown by Lt W H Dunn RNAS on Kut supply drops.
A 30 Squadron Caudron G.III at Magill, 1917.
The G.100 Elephant ‘Baksheejh’, with 30 Squadron, 1917. This ‘aircraft’ was made from spare parts, hence the name (Arabic for 'free') that appeared in lieu of the serial number.