Farman Farman-27
Страна: Франция
Год: 1915

Российский "Фарман-27" с пулеметом "Кольт" на самодельном лафете.
"Фарман-27" на аэродроме Ходынка, Москва. Лето 1916г.
Lt Merton’s Shorthorn (???). Unfortunately, the picture is badly faded.
A good detail shot of the undercarriage and bomb racks of an RNAS Farman F.27, taken at Imbros. The reliable, all-steel framed Farman made quite a name for itself in the Aegean as a bomber/reconnaissance aircraft. A two-seat pusher biplane, the type was powered by the 140 h.p. or 160 h.p. Salmson radial engine.
Аварийная посадка "Фармана-27". Лето 1916г. Оставшийся в живых летчик стоит у дерева.