Aeroplane Monthly 1980-07
R.Gillman - Pilot's progress (3)
Blenheim Is of No 114 Squadron, RAF.
SWIFT AND PURPOSEFUL: Probably one of the most grimly Impressive photographs of its kind ever taken, this Flight picture shows our first Bristol Blenheim unit in the air - No. 114 (Bomber) Squadron from Wyton, near Huntingdon. Equipped with Mercury VIII engines (825 h.p. each at 13,000 ft.), the Blenheim is the world's fastest bomber. Normally a crew of three is carried.
Formation flying from the pilot's viewpoint. Blenheim Is of No 114 Squadron, in which the author served, up from Wyton in June 1937.
Another view of Blenheim I L4842. This aircraft failed to return from a reconnaissance flight with No 53 Squadron on May 17, 1940.
В боях за Бирму AVG взаимодействовала с английскими бомбардировщиками Blenheim
The latest Bristol, the Long-nosed Blenheim, with two Mercury VIIIs of 820 h.p. each. This striking aerial impression by Flight’s chief photographer shows how manoeuvrable is the machine.
This classic Flight photograph of Bristol Blenheim IV L4842 was taken by John Yoxall in February 1939.
A formation of Blenheim IVs. Blenheims served in RAF Bomber Command until August 18, 1942, when they were superseded by Mosquitoes and Bostons.