Aviation Historian 30
T.Buttler - Struck by Lightning
The second prototype English Electric P.1, WG763, makes a very low, and no doubt very noisy, pass some time after its first flight on July 18, 1955. Fitted with a pair of Aden cannon in the nose, WG763 also incorporated a bulbous belly fuel tank for the two thirsty (although non-reheated) Sapphire engines, mounted one atop the other.
The only occasion on which both Fairey F.D.2s, WG774 and WG777, appeared at the SBAC show at Farnborough together was 1956, as seen here, when the two were flown by test pilots Peter Twiss and Gordon Slade; the plan was for the pair to cross high above the airfield at Mach 1-25; the weather refused to co-operate, however.
A sketch of the delta-winged Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire-engined AW.58 design from the January 1950 AWA brochure.
This anonymous brochure illustration depicts the original single-engined AW.58 design, in the classic diving (sometimes climbing) attitude for which AWA’s PR department clearly had a penchant.
An illustration of the internal details, with section drawings, of the single-engined AW.58. Within the air intake and ahead of the cockpit is a cone marked as "accommodation provided for scanner for fighter version, dielectric nose fitted to fuselage". The engine marked on this drawing is a non-reheated Rolls-Royce AJ.65 Avon.
Looking rather bloated in comparison to the original single-engined design, AWA’s Drawing No 21 shows the twin-engined AW.58 concept, with two Avons side by side, as described in an addendum in the August 1948 brochure. Again, the wing is noted as having “no dihedral; apparent anhedral is due to 3° incidence and sweepback”.
The three-view drawing of the initial single-engined AW.58 concept from the August 1948 AWA brochure. A note applied to the head-on view explains that although it may look otherwise, there is "0° dihedral (apparent anhedral due to incidence)”; according to the side-view, wing incidence was 3°. The wheel track is 5ft 6in (1-68m).
In January 1950 AWA changed tack slightly and offered a brochure for another variation on the AW.58, this time a shoulder-mounted pure-delta-winged design with 2° incidence (and no dihedral), and a leading-edge sweep of 56°, fitted with a single Sapphire engine and a T-tail. Span was 27ft 0in (8-2m) and length was 44ft 8in (13-6m).