Air Enthusiast 2001-11
S.Aloni - Greek Interlude
Meir Ruff in the cockpit of a 101 Squadron Spitfire in 1949.
Unusual angle on a line-up of Spitfires at Ramat-David, March 1952; 2050 is on the left.
No.105 Squadron Spitfires 50, 52 and 54, part of an 18 Spitfire line-up on the runway at Ramat-David on March 20, 1952, to celebrate the graduation of an OTU. Spitfires 2050 and 2052 were exported to Burma as UB436 and UB446 respectively.
Spitfire 2050 parked on the runway at Ramat-David air base during the graduation of another OTU course.
Spitfire UB436 on its third long-legged delivery flight, staging through Sharjah on its way to Burma.
Minor accidents were commonplace in the Spitfire OTU, and 2050 had its share