Air Enthusiast 2001-11
F.Lert - The Test-pilot's Test Pilot
'Retirement' includes flying the former Swiss Air Force Vampire for the Cercle de Chasse de Nangis from Melun.
The Dassault Mirage 4000 escorted by Mirage IIIs of EC.2 - Saget's old unit.
The first Avon-engined Mirage IIIO for the RAAF. Jean-Marie was very enthusiastic about the capabilities of this hybrid.
Jean-Marie Saget with the Mirage F1.
Saget was heavily involved in development of the Etendard.
A double-flame-out while demonstrating the Alpha Jet in Egypt resulted in a couple of broken ribs for Jean-Marie - his most serious flying accident.
Jean-Marie in the cockpit of a P-47 - "you felt lost in the middle of the fuselage, sitting on a funny little seat..."
Dassault Mirage 4000 - as test flown by Jean-Marie Saget
Mirage 4000 - "an extraordinary interceptor" according to Jean-Marie Saget.
Capturing the Creil-Cannes in the Ouragan for EC.2 led to Saget's career with Dassault as a test-pilot.
Saget took over the test flying of the III V-01 VTOL development.
Mirage G8s 01 and 02 flying together
Mystere IV and the Master - Marcel Dassault.
Saget's earliest flying experiences, other than brief flights in his own glider, was with Morane MS.315s (illustrated) or MS.230s.