Air Pictorial 1955-11
B.Robertson - British military serials - their origin and history (1)
An example of the photographic censor's work. The Rt. Hon. W. F. Massey, then New Zealand's Prime Minister examines a Nieuport 17C Scout on the Western Front in 1916. A Martinsyde Elephant is in the background.
A Fairey Gordon of No. 47 Squadron showing the "R" for Re-built.
Regulation size for serial markings on the undersides of bomber-transports from 1926-39 was 4 ft. digits. This is a Vickers Valentia (converted from a Victoria Mk. V) of the B.T. Flight of No. 31 (A.C.) Squadron in 1939.
This Nieuport XII two-seat was incorrectly given an "N" prefix to its serial number. It was one of a batch of fifty (9201-9250) built by Wm. Beardmore & Co. to an Admiralty contract in 1916.