Air Pictorial 1956-03
P.Lewis - The Generation of Gee-Bees (1)
A startling design was the Model "Z" (NR77V). It was the first of the Gee-Bee products intended only for racing and not adapted from a commercial model like its predecessors.
The first Gee-Bee (NR3086) appeared in 1928 and was powered by a 60-h.p. Velie M-5. NR3086 was re-engined in 1929 and fitted with floats.
Model "E" (NR3086) fitted with a Cirrus Ensign engine.
The Model "E" Sportster (NC856Y) had a 110-h.p . Warner Scarab radial instead of the in-line Menasco.
The Model "D" Sportster (NC11043) was powered by a 125-h.p. Menasco C4S.
This Model "Y" Senior Sportster (NR11049) had the front cockpit faired over and was flown as a single-seater.
This example of the Model "Y" (718Y) shows the tandem cockpits.