Air Pictorial 1956-03
B.Robertson - Commonwealth military serials (3)
With a large unprefixed serial this photograph of an S.A.A.F. Oxford T.2 might well be taken for an R.C.A.F. machine, but in actual fact its roundel centre of orange would have would have proved its true identity.
A Lockheed-Vega Ventura of the S.A.A.F. on a coastal patrol off Gibraltar. The particular machine illustrated. No. 6403 ended its days on the R.A.F. Salvage Dump at Kasfareet in 1947. but other S.A.A.F Venturas are still in service.
The S.A.A.F. 1401-1600 range contained a number of impressed aircraft, one being the Aeronca 65c illustrated.