Air Pictorial 1956-03
Air Pictorial's photo-review
Hunting Aerosurveys' Canadian company uses this specially converted Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (CFHBP) for large-scale mapping operations. Cameras may be mounted in the position formerly occupied by the "chin" gun turret.
For easier checking by jet interceptors the U.S. C.A.A. has recommended that letters and numbers at least 1 ft. deep shall replace the current practice of diminutive tail markings. This recent production Beechcraft Model F35 Bonanza shows the new system.
Lockheed-Vega PV-2 Harpoons are in service with the U.S .N. Res., Dutch Navy and the Japanese S.D.F. Some, including "238" illustrated, are in service with the Italian Air Force.
N57913, a two-seat Ryan ST-3KR, is a beautifully finished ex-U.S.A.A.F. PT-22 delivered in April 1942 and now resident at Englewood Airport, Denver, Col.
Apart from Norway no other country in Europe can claim a Ryan STM-2 (IN-TVF) seen here at Fornebu Airport, Oslo. The STM-2 as the PT-16 and '20 preceded the ST-3 /PT-22.
ZK-BCM of Wellington, New Zealand is a special single-seat Taylorcraft Model 15AG (fabric-covered) which is now being succeeded by the Model 20AG Topper (Fiberglas-covered). ZK-BCM has an 1,800 ft. /min. climb and 20-yd. take-off run. Power is a 240-h.p. Lycoming.
On the rudder of this four-seat Taylorcraft Model 20 Ranch Wagon are the markings of Paraguay (ZP-CPD). The smooth fuselage, wing and tail assembly are covered with Fiberglas. Motor is a 225-h .p. Continental 470-J.
With a French experimental category ("W") civil registration, can you place this 365-m.p.h. four-engined research aircraft?
The French aircraft F-WFRM illustrated is the remains of the Breguet Br.482, a prototype research bomber designed at the end of World War II and flown two years later. The precise history of this twin fin, tailwheel undercarriage, mid-wing monoplane is not known. A photograph and some details appear in Jane's All the World's Aircraft for 1948, but no background detail. Even where this photograph was taken is obscure.
Data: Span, 78 ft. 10 in.; length, 61 ft. 8 in. Weights, loaded, 31,900 lb. ; wing loading, 44 Ib./sq. ft. Cruising speed, 330 m.p.h. at 26,250 ft. Range, 1,000 miles. Power-plant: four 1,500-h.p. Hispano-Suiza 12Z liquid-cooled, 12-cylinder Vee inlines.