Aeroplane Monthly 1982-05
B.Turpin - Dark Secret
SS.40, the Black Ship, seen on its return to Kingsnorth from the 3rd Brigade RFC after the Battle of the Somme, November 1916.
SS.13 landing at Polegate on September 15, 1916.
The three airships seen at Kingsnorth in January 1917 are the SS.14, in the foreground, SSP.1 in the centre with Coastal C 2 just visible above it, and SS.40 in the background. This picture reportedly depicts an airship race, won by SS.40.
SS.42a being hauled down at Pembroke in 1917. The arrangement of the car was very similar to that of SS.40.
Another view of SS.42a, flown by Flt Lt Monk. Note torpedo-shaped fuel tanks under envelope and the bomb carried behind the landing gear.
SS.40 landing at Pembroke in 1917 with the handling crew running after it.