Aeroplane Monthly 1982-07
H.Levy - Stroukoff's cargo gliders
The XCG-18 was the world's first all-metal glider.
The second XCG-18A was converted into a powered aeroplane by adding two 1,450 h.p. Pratt & Whitney radial engines.
The XG-20 glider was later modified into the four-jet XC-123A and became the first American jet transport to fly.
The prototype XCG-14, 490890, under tow in 1945. Note the tailwheel and the extensive cockpit glazing.
The XCG-14A 490990 made its maiden flight on October 16, 1945 from Newark Airport.
The second XCG-14, 490990, was larger than the prototype and had a tubular steel fuselage and tricycle undercarriage.