Aeroplane Monthly 1982-09
G.Johnston - Alone across the Atlantic
GORDON BAIN’S plate depicts Roger Bailey’s beautifully kept D.H. Puss Moth G-ABLS, registered a year before G-ABXY but still airworthy.
G-ABXY at Stag Lane.
Another view of G-ABXY at Stag Lane shortly after being readied for the flight.
Jim Mollison on his way from Ireland on August 18, 1932. Thirty one hours later he landed at Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick.
Mollison’s Puss Moth after arriving back at Southampton aboard the liner Empress of Britain on September 8, 1932.
Mollison and his wife Amy Johnson inspect the Puss Moth shortly before the record flight. As can be seen there was barely enough room in the aircraft for the pilot.
THE START FROM PORTMARNOCK STRAND: In spite of its heavy load, the "Puss Moth" took off in 28 sec.
Jim Mollison taking-off from Portmarnock Strand at 11.30 a.m. on August 18, 1932. The Puss Moth unstuck in 28sec with an overload of 700lb.