Aeroplane Monthly 1982-09
T.Harold - A Camel for Biggles
The Leisure Sport Sopwith Camel reproduction flown by Tony Harold on what could be its last outing, photographed by FRANCOIS PRINS.
The Slingsby Camel during its flight tests at White Waltham on March 4, 1969.
Tony Harold flying Leisure Sport’s Sopwith. Camel on its last outing, from White Waltham on May 30, 1982.
The same aircraft at White Waltham on May 30, 1982 shortly after its last flight.
Mr A. F. Carlyle’s Sopwith F.1 Camel replica (145-h.p. Warner Super Scarab) G-AWYY/C1701 now based at Old Warden, was demonstrated in public for the first time by Neil Williams on October 31, 1976. Built in 1969 as the Slingsby Type 57 for a Universal Pictures film which never materialised, it joined a flying circus in Virginia, USA, as N1917H. It returned to Britain last May and was overhauled by the Shuttleworth Trust, making its first flight after restoration on October 25. The engine is a 145 h.p. Warner Super Scarab radial.
The actor James Fox tries the Camel's cockpit for his role as Biggies in the film, Biggies sweeps the skies. The film was never made.