Air Pictorial 1964-09
J.Cynk - Poland's Karas
The P.23/1, Karas I, as it appeared early in 1935
The P.23/II, second prototype, in spring of 1935
The Fully developed P.23/III in early 1936; it served as a development aircraft for Karas B and P.43
Karas A, often used without spats
First production Karas As with centre-section slots
Karas A conversion trainers of the 1st Air Regiment, Warsaw
Karas Bs of No. 41 Squadron, 4th Air Regiment, from Torun in 1939. During the war they were attached to the "Pomorze" Army
Karas interiors looking aft towards the dorsal and ventral gun positions - floor panels have been folded back
P.Z.L. P.23B Karas B
The P.42 served as development aircraft for the P.46/I Sum