Air Pictorial 1964-09
K.Reavell - The Comet 4 Series
G-APDR, one of nineteen Comet 4s delivered to B.O.A.C. In 1958 B.O.A.C. Comets inaugurated the world's first commercial transatlantic jet service
VP-KPJ (now 5X-AAO), the first of three Comet 4s for East African Airways
SA-R-7, the luxurious Comet 4C built for King Saud of Saudi-Arabia
Comet 4 LV-PLM became LV-AHN "Las Tres Marias" when it entered service with Aerolineas Argentinas, the first foreign customer for the Comet
Middle-East Airlines operate four Comet 4Cs; OD-ADR illustrated
G-APYC is now SX-DAK "Queen Frederika", Olympic Airways' first Comet 4B
ST-AAW, the first of two Comet 4Cs delivered to Sudan Airways
SU-ALE is one of seven Comet 4Cs operated by United Arab Airlines
9K-ACE, the second of Kuwait Airways' two Comet 4Cs