Aeroplane Monthly 1983-12
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
F-AIZX, the prototype Farman F.169, with Gnome-Rhone Jupiters, revised undercarriage, 12 passenger seats and full-width two-seat cockpit
Farman Line's F.61 Goliath F-ADFQ (construction number 42) with Renault 12Fe water-cooled 12-cylinder vee engines.
The 8-passenger 85-m.p.h. Farman Goliath (1921)
This view of Farman Line's F.61 Goliath F-ADFQ at Haren Airport, Brussels, shows to advantage the tail unit and the passenger entrance door.
SNETA’s light blue Goliath O-BLON with 260 h.p. Maybach engines.
Air Union's Goliath F-ADDT Languedoc. This picture appears to have been taken after its conversion to F.63 with Jupiter 9Ab engines.
The prototype Farman F.60 Goliath transport. The humped-back appearance of the early examples can be seen and the nacelles are shallower than on production aeroplanes.
Air Union's F.60 Goliath F-AEFC Provence (construction number 6943/7) at Croydon during night flying trials, probably in May 1927.
Air Union's F.60 F-AECU Normandie at Croydon, with cargo being loaded through the nose door.
View from the rear of a Goliath's main cabin. This is thought to be a fairly late photograph taken in an Air Union aircraft. The pilot's position is beyond the semi-bulkhead on the left. Tables can be seen fitted. Also visible is the cable fuselage bracing.
Air Union's F.60 Goliath F-AEGP Flandre after a mishap in Southern England. The engines in this picture are Salmsons so Flandre must have been rebuilt because it was at one time reported as a Jupiter-powered F.63bis.
Compagnie des Grands Express Aeriens' Farman Goliath F-FHMU