Aeroplane Monthly 1983-12
R.Riding - Charles Sims
Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal taking part in a salute to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the start of their Canadian tour in May 1939
Изображенный самолет был поставлен в рамках первой производственной партии из 20 машин Osprey Mk I. Самолет попал в 803-ю эскадрилью, приписанную к авианосцу "Игл".
Osprey I S1681, the third production aircraft, served with No. 803 Squadron and is seen over its parent ship, H.M.S. "Eagle"
A perfectly positioned photograph of a Hawker Osprey reconnaissance biplane with HMS Eagle in the background.
Photograph taken from a Vickers Virginia of 10 Sqn in the dusk light at the start of a night exercise in 1930.